Chintan Orthopaedic and Maternity Hospital

  • Chintan Hospital is a long cherished child of a renowned and dynamic doctor couple from Ahmedabad. After passing the MS in Orthopaedics and serving as an assistant professor in Jamnagar for 9 months, Dr Mehul decided to settle near his hometown Ahmedabad in early 90s. He, along with his wife, Dr Hina, a well-trained gynaecologist from MP Shah Medical College, Jamnagar selected a town place of Dholka to start their private practice with two main motives - To serve the needy people where they require the medical facilities the most and to repay the debt of the society.

  • To fulfil their motto of serving the general community, they started The Chintan Hospital in February, 1993 in a small premises. Despite being limited in space as well as being in a town place, the hospital was the first amongst its kind to have novel and modern facilities at that time, even more than many of those in the city. Image intensifier machine, cordless telephone system for doctor calling, A/C rooms, closed method of fracture fixation were few among the many.

  • Due to courteous and mixing nature of the couple, as well as utilisation of modern techniques to give the best treatment led to highly successful results of their treatment in each and every patient. The fame of the couple began to rise quickly and they became well-known in all surrounding region in a short span. Despite being famous, they continued to serve the community with same commitment and affection without break. They don’t seem to remember even on how many days they were not even able to take lunch due to heavy workload.

  • However, the couple had something bigger in mind. They decided to escalate their vision to serve the community at a larger scale and it was the time when Chinatn Orthopaedic and Maternity Hospital was born in Ahmedabad. Amidst the dense area of Jivraj Park, they started the hospital in February, 1999. And from the very first day, the hospital started to be occupied fully owing to the great nature and successful treatments of the couple. People from all over Gujarat started to come to consult them for their ailments as well as for expert opinion. This hospital offered even better infra-structure including Super Deluxe and Deluxe rooms as well as air-conditioned rooms. These were the few of the first facilities provided in a nursing home in the area.

  • The love for the rural people was always there in their hearts and they continued to manage both the hospitals, at Ahmedabad and at Dholka.

  • Their popularity is increasing day-by-day since then. The hospital also started to include newer facilities and modalities year by year keeping in pace with the technology. We were among the first hospitals to introduce digital X-ray system, in-house ultrasound machine, computerised patient management software, computerised billing, portable X-ray system; air-conditioned waiting hall, 3D-4D ultrasound and colour Doppler were notable among them.

  • Keeping in pace with the modern era, introduction of new sectors in the existing services were necessary to cater each and every patient. Hence, in 2016, the hospital deided to expand the core team with two young and enthusiastic doctors, master in their respective fields.

  • Dr. Shuchi A Patel, a specialist in minimally invasive gynaecological surgery (Laparoscopy) was the first to join the hospital. She opened a new sector of stitch-less gynaecology in the hospital to cater the most of the demanding population of the urban Ahmedabad. Trained at the famous VS General Hospital for residency and at World Centre for Laparoscopy at Delhi for laparoscopy, she has performed many laparoscopic surgeries till now.

  • Dr Ninad Pradip Mohite, a gold medallist from BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad also joined the team in September, 2016. He opened a whole new sector of Knee and Hip Replacement surgeries in the orthopaedic department. He has been extensively trained at South Korea for a novel muscle-sparing subvastus approach for knee replacement and minimally invasive hip replacement. We have preformed numerous replacement surgeries in our hospital with excellent results. As the majority of the patients requiring these surgeries are elderly and not covered under insurance, we are committed to provide excellent results with world-class imported joints at lowest expence in ahmedabad in private sector , propagating the same vision of the couple to serve the most needful people at a place where the need it the most.

  • Respecting the addition of these specialised surgeries in the department, the operating room was also renovated fully to cater them. Recruitment of ample staff is also an ongoing process to serve the heavy workload.